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                                    Welcome to Dexiverse Development!
                                            A new game and entertainment development  company                                                        specializing in unique games with rich content, amazing
                                            art work and dynamic replay ability.



A hard-boiled detective at the beginning of the end of his career...

The Adventures of Dex Dixon the Board Game is a scenario-based strategy game set in a multi-spoked, interdimensional, noir, horror world filled with Paranormal Detectives, Monster Crime Bosses and Vampire Torch-Song Singers. Choose your Boss, recruit your Mugs, assemble your gear, and charge your magical powers. Defeat your opponents and obtain your objective by outwitting them with each characters’ unique abilities. No two game sessions will be the same.
All Art Created by Cole Munro-Chitty

Steve and Cole talk about the game with Geek In The City:

GeekintheCityPodcast Issue609Steve and Cole
00:00 / 29:49

Other Games in Development:


It’s 1986, the perfect time to be a teen in a sleepy, rural Northwest Town… least until an alien threat rears its ugly, Aqua-Net, feather-haired head!


Varsity Cheerleader Werewolves From Outer Space is a Cooperative, Tile Laying, Deck Building, game where students quest for popularity as they make their way through the halls of Kalama High School… but then it happens, an otherworldly pod crashes in the woods and aliens start to take over the student body!

Now it’s every teen for themselves as the infected try to destroy the school and the uninfected try to stop them.


Gain popularity, acquire cards, special items and use each character's unique abilities to affect gameplay… and save the world!

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