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Welcome to the Dexiverse!

The Adventures of Dex Dixon: The Board Game has limitless opportunities to create your own unique game scenarios.  Frank's Place is here for the gaming community to post the scenarios they have created and share them with other Detectives to enhance the game experience. 

Please email our team with your game scenarios and we will post them here. We'd also love to feature any fan art created by you artistic Dicks at large!


Klargle Tralock Deagle… Farkot Divle Kargle Tralock!

(Troll King Dead, Long Live Troll King!)


2 to 4 Players/90-120 mins


“When it comes to choosing a Troll to support, be careful… if you choose the losing Troll, you might be eaten… but then again, that’s a risk on the winning side too.” - Frank.


The Troll King is dead and a new leader must be chosen. Both Dressila and Kobol want the job.  Each has reached out for help.  Kobol has reached out to Dex Dixon to support his claim, while Dressila has asked Horus for his help!  The Troll chancellor has set a challenge to see who is most worthy. Whoever can find and collect 5 sacred keys will be the ruler of the Trolls… the other shall be banished!


Game Play:

  • Each Player will search their opponent's World for hidden keys.  Defeat the Key Guardian at each location to gain one of 5 keys. The location of these keys will be revealed only when a Character enters a building that has been determined by the Location Randomizer Cards to possess a key.

  • Defeat the Key Guardian in battle or remove them from the building to collect the key.

  • Once a key is collected place it in the Talisman Aperture Wheel.


Win Conditions:

Find and collect 5 keys for your Troll.


Special Scenario Rules:


Set Up:

  • Each player picks a Troll to support. Dressila is for Nightside, Kobol is for Our Fair City.  

  • (4 players) Each Player chooses 1 Boss from their respective worlds. (2 players) Each Player chooses 2 Bosses from their respective worlds.

  • Remove the Haunted Well, Cemetary, Talisman Square and Our Fair City Central Park cards from the Location Randomizer Deck.

  • Shuffle the Location Randomizer Deck and draw, at random, 5 cards for your opponent’s world. Keep the chosen locations secret.

  • Separate the Nightside and Our Fair City Mug cards, shuffle and choose 2 random Mugs for each Boss. Put them into play under whichever Boss you choose. Place the remaining Mugs in the Neutrals pile and shuffle them together.

  • Each faction now draws 5 Mugs at Random.  Keep those Mugs secret from your opponent. Place one of the Mugs face down under each of the Location Randomizer cards. Place one Talisman Aperture Counter on each of those piles. Those will serve as the Keys.

  • Place Dressila and Kobol in the Talisman Aperture Wheel. Dressila on Nightside and Kobol on Our Fair City.

  • Place Bosses and Mugs on the Talisman Bridge.  Our Fair City Bosses and Mugs on the Nightside side. Nightside Bosses and Mugs on the Our Fair City side of the bridge.



  • Opposing player controls all rolls for the Mug guardians revealed by entering a building.

  • Once 3 keys on a side are gathered, the Troll on that team may enter the game. They are only there to attack an opposing player’s Characters. Roll 2D6 for movement at the beginning of each Round. If a Troll lands in an adjacent space to an opponent, the Troll attacks.

  • When a Mug is killed, they leave play and are removed from the game. You may not replace that lost Character.

  • When a Boss is killed it loses any cards it has attached and respawns at half HP and PP at the Troll Bridge on their opponents world. All attached Mugs teleport there as well. The Mugs retain any HP they already possess.

  • A Boss may cross into the other World via the Troll Bridge gateway if they posses a Wolf or Snake Badge, a Talisman Key or any Ability or Card that allows it. Mugs must remain in the world they start the game in.



  • All Cards and Decks are used in this scenario.



  • Trolls do not collect or use Cards.

  • The Sewer systems are closed for repairs.

  • A Wolf or Snake Badge will grant passage across the Troll Bridge Only.

  • Symbiosis and Morph Abilities are not used in this scenario.

  • You cannot take Possession, Hypnotize or Persuade a Troll Character.

  • When in a Location occupied by a Key Guardian, you do not need to be adjacent to them to Attack them.

  • No Talisman Aperture Tokens are gained by rolling a 6 on 1D6 Movement die. 

  • If Doubles are rolled on Movement die roll, collect a reroll pip (Charge Counter) to be exchanged to reroll 1 die result. No additional Movement roll is made.


Submitted by Alexander T. from Portland, Oregon.


Original Character designs for the Dex Dixon film. Art by Scotty Roller, Colored by Steve Mattsson.
    Dex Dixon: Paranormal Dick                      Delila                                       Lobo                                Lyla Lariby                                                                                                                                                                            the one and only she dick and a real ball buster 
                        Horus                                             Fritz                    Manix Marloe: Mystic Dick              Nelly Nailor     
5 Minute sketches made for the concept trailer for the Dex Dixon film.  Sketches by Steve Coker.
          A figure appears.                                                            Smoking in the dark.                                                    Lobo and the Moon.
           Nelly gets the drop on Dex.                                       Delila at Frank's Place.                                                   Talisman Square.
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