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Dex Hits the Conventions

UPDATE February 4th 2022:

March is going to be an incredible month ahead of our June Kickstarter launch.  Designer Steve Coker will be attending Dice Tower West in Las Vegas March 2nd through 6th at the Rio Hotel.  Come to our exhibitor booth and say hello or join us at our game play table to play Dex Dixon with the team. If you'd like to hear more about the game and get informed once we hit the Kickstarter, click on the link here: to add your email to the list.

Kickstarter Build Underway

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UPDATE January 6th 2022:

Moving full steam ahead with our Kickstarter preparations.  Advertising, pledge level creation, getting quotes from game manufacturers and fulfillment companies.  We have started gathering emails and contacts so we are ready to launch in June of this year.  

The launch will come close on the heals of our closing the musical of the same name.  We hope to introduce the game to audiences and gather even more interest to make sure we hit the ground running and successfully fund this project!

Next step:  Get our prototypes out to influencers and reviewers and create some cool video elements for the Kickstarter page.  Go to to add your email to the list.

Raising Funds for Mini-Figures

UPDATE September 21st 2021:

Boom!! We have reached our initial goal of $1200.00!!! So

amazing. Our Angel donor is cutting a check as we speak!

I posted earlier that I discovered that the exchange rate

from dollars to Euros was higher than anticipated and the

work will cost about $500.00 more to complete all 8 of the

figures ($368.00 per figure) the great thing is, this cost covers

the artist fees, exclusive rights to the figures and the STL files

that are used to create the 3D prints used in the manufacturing

process. So through October 1st we will do a quick push to

raise the additional funds. The Dex figure is paid for and the

Delila figure is being created now (images soon). Anyone who

donates $50 will get the Shot Glass, the Character Concept

Postcards AND a 3D print of the model of their choice. $100

gets the glass, postcards and a full set of 8 3D prints.

(Everyone who donated already will also receive these perks)

Thanks again for the generosity and support! This game is going to be beautiful because of your efforts!

Monday, September 13th 2001:

It is our second week of fundraising to bring the Boss characters for the board game "The Adventures of Dex Dixon" to life. These will be beautiful figures and will work as game pawns but also as cool collectables as well.

We are starting with the main player characters (Bosses) and in the future we may also create minis for the Mug characters as well.

This kind of work is expensive and I have an angel donor willing to match what we raise. Our goal is $1200.00 of which we have raised $610.00 so far.

As an incentive, I am offering to send any donor who pledges $100.00 or more a set of 4 of the minis created... 100% of the money raised, will go to the artist, Renan Assuncao, for his incredible sculpts. I will share images with you as they are available... but believe me, you will want to have some of these figures! Please give what you can. even $5 helps us and supports artists.

You can also donate to Venmo to @steve-coker-6

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