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From Ideation to Creation:

I first came up with the idea for a board game based on my IP Dex Dixon late in Covid laden 2019 I had gotten a 3D printer and had been designing characters from my screenplays in Hero Forge with the intention of printing them out... just for fun. While I was doing that, I woke one morning with the thought that these could be used as pawns in some sort of board game based on the world of Dex Dixon (Dexiverse as coined by my friend Harold) and so I started to conceive of how to represent the dual dimensions that were forefront to the Dex Dixon screenplay and how to use the ideas in the game within the context of a board game. As I would discover, direct translation from script to tabletop was not going to be a simple task and may of the tropes and jokes etc would not directly translate. And that the Hero Forge figures would never be allowed to be used due to licensing restrictions... Awwww!!!

One of the coolest things about the Dex story was that it took place in two very different worlds; Nightside, where the monsters all came from, and Our Fair City, where Dex and his pals policed the streets. I knew I'd want to have a board for each dimension and that they would need to be attached to one another. I began ideation for that concept on a couple yellow sticky notes on June 2nd 2020. After that I ordered some blank gameboards drew a 1' grid system and sketched it all out using ink pens. I used that version to playtest the game.

Not long after that, I discovered Steam and Tabletop Simulator and created a very simple digital representation of the boards to upload into that platform. Once I was sure the maps were what I wanted, I used a licensable map building program to create a more detailed map... and eventually, as I learned how, I added lighting effects for even more realism and impact. Not much has changed since then other than a few upgrades that made finding doors much easier for players and the occasional spelling error... and as we inch closer to our Kickstarter campaign, I am more and more confident that we have exactly what we need to get the game funded and out to hobbyists! If you'd like to be notified when the KS launces you can go here to sign up. CLICK HERE

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